Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact Cuvaison Estate Wines about my club membership?
Call 1-800-253-WINE or email us.

How can I order more wine?
Visit us online, call 1-800-253-WINE or email us.

Can I order wine sent as a gift or give the wine club membership as a gift? 
Absolutely (some shipping restrictions may apply).

To send wine as a gift, please provide us with the gift recipient's name, shipping address where an adult signature will be available, phone number, email address and a sentiment you wish to appear on the gift card.

To give the gift of membership, we will need the gift recipient's name, shipping address where an adult signature will be available (some shipping restrictions may apply), phone number, email address. This gift may be open ended or you may specify an end date. Please let us know if you would also like to include a gift message with the first sampler.

How do I change my membership information (address, phone, credit card, etc)?
Login to your online account here, call 1-800-253-WINE or send us an email.

What does membership cost? How much are the wines and how much do you send?
Memberships are Free and there is no pre-payment or enrollment fee. The cost of each sampler varies according to the selections in the sampler but averages about $115 per sampler before tax and freight. 15 bottles per year, 3 bottle shipments.

How often do you ship?
Samplers are sent in the months of January, March, May, September and November.

What if I am going to be gone at the time a shipment is going to be sent?
Please let us know before processing (Jan 1, Mar 1, May 1, Sept 1 and Nov 1) and we will work with you to make arrangements to have your delivery rerouted or rescheduled. Additional service fees may apply. Call 1-800-253- WINE or email us.

Can I pick-up my shipments?
We prefer to have your wine shipped but on occassion we can make an exception and hold your shipment for up to 30 days. Please, give us a call at 1-800-253-WINE and we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you.

What if I am not home when they try to deliver my shipment?
We strongly recommend shipping to a business address, as an adult signature is required for delivery of wine. An email providing you with tracking information will be sent when the wine ships. The notice also specifies the date of the first delivery attempt. The shipper will make three consecutive delivery attempts Monday thru Friday. If you are unable to sign the wine may be held at the local shipping station for 5 business days for you to pick up there. Then it will be returned. Nominal fees may apply for the return and/or reshipment of wines.

How will I know what will be in each shipment?
Visit us online and/or refer to your online newsletter here which details the contents of the next wine club sampler.

I signed up for the club. Do the discounts apply to my spouse, friends or other family members?
The benefits of membership are extended to the member subscriber. Tastings are complimentary for you and up to 4 guests, but you must be present with them. Benefits do not apply when you are not in their company.

How do I cancel or rejoin?
Please call and a Club Services representative will be happy to discuss options with you. All requests are confirmed in writing via email. If you request a suspension via email or telephone and do not receive a confirmation from us, your membership is still active. Call 1-800-253-WINE, email us or visit us online.