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Ways WE reduce OUR environmental footprint:  
  • Our 1,428 solar panels generate up to 252 kW and produces 85% of our energy for the Carneros winery.
  • We have partnered with Yemm & Hart, a recycling company that converts cork into self-sustaining products, to create a recycling program that promotes the education and collection of corks
  • We use certified sustainable practices in all that we do. These practices enhance the watershed and restore the habitat
    of our local community
  • Our equipment and machinery is designed to be energy efficient
    with a low environmental impact, and both wineries are certified
    Napa Green
  • We recycle all that we can here at our facilities and encourage
    others to do the same
  • We use 100% recycled water. All process water used at our winery is recycled through our wastewater treatment system and re-employed as irrigation water on our Estate vineyard
  • We have streamlined our packaging and incorporated the use of eco-friendly Kraft boxes which reduces the use of chemicals and requires less energy during the boxes' production
  • When we bought our Brandlin Estate Vineyard, we preserved many acres of beautiful oak trees when planting vines. Only 22% of the land was developed