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"At Cuvaison there is a shared concern from the staff about climate change, and we feel compelled to do what we can to reduce Cuvaison's impact on our environment. Going solar and becoming certified sustainable Napa Green creates the most visual and obvious initiatives, but they are only a few elements of what we are trying to achieve. We continue to look into the little ways of creating change within our own organization, and through grassroots networks with our staff, their family and friends.” – President, Jay Schuppert

Cuvaison complies with the code of fish friendly farming allowing us to be certified sustainable. Some of our compliance is measured based on performance in the following areas:

• Viticulture • Winery Water Conservation and Quality
• Soil Management • Material Handling
• Vineyard Water Management • Solid Waste Reduction and Management
• Pest Management • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
• Wine Quality • Human Resources
• Ecosystem Management • Neighbors and Community
• Energy Efficiency • Air Quality