Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop art. In the 1950s,
he began using photographs first for reference and later as art. Commissioned by Cuvaison in
the early 1980s, Warhol took Polaroids of grapes in a variety of patterns to create over 50 unique silkscreen prints for Cuvaison labels.

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Now, 35 years since this commission, we are thrilled with the opportunity to bring this unique and rare body of art to Andy Warhol fans, fine wine connoisseurs and art lovers. The hand-selected images displayed on each wine label and collector's box embody the depth of Warhol's original artwork and feature his distinct design aesthetic. This collection expresses Warhol's immense artistic talents, and it is with great excitement that we share this
first release with you. 

"While the Foundation has had the privilege of working with many brands including Dior, Dom Perignon, Perrier and Absolut, among others, Andy Warhol x Cuvaison is uniquely authentic because Warhol himself created the artworks used for the project with the intention that they be considered as labels for Cuvaison. The Foundation is delighted to work with Cuvaison to finish what Andy started."

- Michael Hermann, Director of Licensing, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

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