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June 29, 2009 | Events | Cuvaison Estate Wines

Enjoy the beauty, inside and out!

Our Carneros tasting room is in the center of the rolling waves that make up our estate vineyard. It is arguably the best tasting room view in the valley.

That’s why our architects, Gould Evans | Baum Thornley (, constructed the massive frameless glass doors, to ensure your view would not be obstructed!  Terrace seating is available too!

But did you know that our new Carneros tasting room was built keeping our sustainability integrity intact? Our architects call it ‘Smart Design.’ Reclaimed redwood and certified sustainably-grown cedar line the tasting room walls and ceiling, storm water is directed to our irrigation ponds to be re-used later, we maximized the use of natural stone products like grey slate, and we used cross-ventilation to ensure natural temperature control.

Our reclaimed redwood is mostly old growth wood, meaning it can only be found from fallen trees on personal property and logs discovered in lakes or rescued from barns or old buildings.


For insulation we used recycled denim insulation, an environmentally-friendly option that costs an additional 25%.

Come check out the view inside and our Carneros Grand Opening July 18th from 4-8pm!




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