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July 25, 2014 | Club Cuvaison

Hot Diggity Dog - Meet Cuvaison Estate Wines' Dogs

In light of Club Cuvaison's summer promotion, Hot Diggity Dog! we would like to introduce you to the dogs of Cuvaison Estate Wines. We love your four legged friends as much as we love ours, and therefore both our Calistoga and Carneros tasting rooms are dog friendly! We just ask that you keep Fido on a leash. 

Pixie (left), age 10, favorite activity: snacking.
Buster (right), age 2, favorite activity: chasing wild turkeys in the vineyard. 
Dogs' Owner: Steven Rogstad, Winemaker 
Jasmine, age 6, favorite activity: swimming in the pool. 
Dog's Owner: Bonnie Schoch, CFO
Rosalina, age 10, favorite activity: taking walks in the park.
Dog's Owner: Alvaro Bautista, Cellarhand  

Bodhi (left), age 6, favorite activity: chasing and catching the Frisbee at the park and running through the Cuvaison vineyard off leash. 
Ellie (right), age 7, favorite activity: chasing the cat at home. She’s really good with the Frisbee as well. 
Dogs' Owner: Jay Schuppert, President


Indigo, age 8 months, favorite activity: playing
Dog's Owner: Jamie Glidewell, Club Cuvaison Manager  

Gunner, age 5, favorite activity: chasing the Frisbee.
Dog's Owner: Selma Woolfe, Club Cuvaison Coordinator 

Rudy, age 3, favorite activity: sleeping, playing at the beach, running thru the vineyard.
Dog's Owner: Suzanna Mannion, DTC Marketing Manager  

Kao, age 3, favorite activity: playing tug-of-war and cuddling. 
Dog's Owner: Wynne Vick, Club Cuvaison Sales Coordinator
Scooby, age 5, favorite activity: fetching the tennis ball and going on walks on Brandlin.
Dog's Owner: Ray Lamon, Landscape and Maintenance 
River, age 3, favorite activity: running around in the grass and playing chase. 
Dog's parent: Melody Royval, Staff Accountant 

PuppyKitty, age 3.5, favorite activity: eating her owner's shoes, chewing on laptop power cords, destroying couches and sleeping on her owner's bed.
No, not a dog but this feline clearly has good taste in wine, so we made an exception. 
Puppykitty's owner: Stephanie Litty, Enologist 


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