Steven Rogstad
May 30, 2014 | Steven Rogstad

May in Carneros; Berry Set & Leafing

May in Carneros has been quite breezy but generally pleasant. In the early part of the month our vines bloomed and have gone through berry set. Winegrowers refer to “set” as those flowers that successfully fertilized and have become grape berries. The set looks quite good and we look forward to another fine vintage.

Although budbreak was early this year, bloom was essentially the same as last year, so we anticipate harvest starting about the same time as 2013, which at Cuvaison will most likely be the first week of September.

Post set, we start doing our leafing pass. The type and amount of leafing we do varies from block to block at Cuvaison, and takes into account row orientation to the sun and wind, as well as mildew pressure and risk of sunburn. In general, our philosophy is to prevent sunburn first and foremost, but with an eye to allowing some dappled sunlight and fresh airflow, to help season the skins and toughen them against any days of high heat or excessive moisture. We do this by hand removing interior leaves and lateral shoots in the canopy and leaves below the fruit zone.



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