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June 18, 2009 | Jay Schuppert | Jay Schuppert

Dear Club Members

One of many great benefits of my job at Cuvaison is travel. It’s not for everyone but I’ve had the opportunity to see the world due to our global market exposure, and I now have friends and associates in over 43 countries. And that doesn’t include domestic travel.

While I truly enjoy my business associates, I especially enjoy running into one of our club members. I’m amazed at how often it happens and in some of the most surprising locations. I’ve had this experience at wine dinners and consumer tastings in Singapore, London, the Caribbean and other locations in the USA.

I was just in Mexico supporting the Four Seasons Punta Mita with staff training, guest tastings and winery dinners and guess what? At one of the guest tastings, I hosted club members who had never met me or each other. Two of the couples even brought their own Cuvaison wines from the US into Mexico to enjoy! They didn’t offer to share any with me but I guess they thought I’d brought enough of my own. So, there I was with 10 guests of the Four Seasons, some club members but all had visited our tasting rooms. One person even mentioned our Tasting Room associate, Brady, by name and what a great tasting he’d given.

It is our desire to keep you better informed about my travel and events for you to attend in the future. Who knows, we may even run into each other in Kazakhstan?

Best regards,

Jay Schuppert, President


Christine Rea's Gravatar
Christine Rea
@ Jul 26, 2009 at 6:32 PM
I second the great tasting experience we had with Brady!

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