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Behind the Cellar Door: A Pinot Noir Blending Experience

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A winemaker talks to a group of guests


When: Saturday, Mar 30, 11:00 am - 1:00 p.m.
Where: The Cuvaison Barrel Chai
Price: $125 per person
RSVP: (707) 942-2455 or email

Join winemaker Steve Rogstad in crafting our exclusive Barrel 23 lot. This seminar offers participants a deep dive into various Pinot Noir clones, hands-on blending experiments, and a collaborative process to craft the blend for our "Barrel '23 Lot"—the flagship wine of our Cuvaison Community production from the 2023 vintage. As a part of this unique experience, you'll also have the chance to secure a future purchase of this wine and leave your mark by signing the barrel in which it's being produced.

This experience includes a food pairing that has been uniquely created by our Culinary Advisor Ashton Keefe.