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Bottle of 2018 Blanc de Blancs, Méthode Champenoise
Napa Valley, Los Carneros

2018 Blanc de Blancs, Méthode Champenoise

Winemaker's Notes

This 2018 Blanc de Blancs is our first sparkling wine crafted in the prestigious “Tête de Cuvée” style, a French term reserved for the finest limited production bottlings. Over the course of five years, this wine underwent a meticulous aging process with extended contact with its lees before disgorging. This extended lees contact allowed the wine to mature, mellow and acquire deeper complexity and texture. In our 2018 release, you'll find delightful floral, ginger, soy, and lychee nut notes, perfectly complementing the vibrant flavors of bright Granny Smith apple, lemon meringue, and apricot.

Technical Data

Special Designation: Micro Lot
Vineyard Designation: Tai Vineyard, Los Carneros
Harvest Date: August 30th, 2018
Fermentation: Base wine: 27 days
Aging: Tirage: 54 months, fermented via Méthode Champenoise
ML: None
Wine Composition: 100% Chardonnay
Barrels Produced: 4
pH: 3.14
Alcohol: 12.5%
Acid: 9.6 g/l